2019 map series
@Matt The 2019 snapshot for the topo250 and topo50 maps is now available on mapspast. It is the default layer you see when you load the site. This shows the latest topo maps as-of the last day of 2019. Covid19 may be a worldwide nightmare - but a lo ... (more)
(2020/05/07 00:58)

Website upgrades
@Matt MapsPast has been upgraded to use version 5 of the openlayers mapping system. There should be no change to your experience other than better handling of mobile/touch devices. However, if you have any problems, please let me know at mattbriggs@yahoo.com.
(2020/04/08 22:30)

NZMS13 layers - download, print and GIS access
@Matt I've belatedly got round to adding the 1909-1939 map layers to the print, download and GIS sections of mapspast. All mapspast layers (but not the LINZ ones) should now be downloadable, printable and usable in QGIS / ArcGIS. You may need to cle ... (more)
(2019/09/04 23:11)

NZMS13 1939 snapshot is here
@Matt The final end-of-decade snapshot is now on the site. This completes the original intention of the mapspast site to give access to the latest national map coverage for every decade since detailed mapping began in the late 1800's. Of course anot ... (more)
(2018/12/11 20:04)

NZMS13 1929 snapshot is here
@Matt The latest NZMS13 maps as of the last day of 1929 are now available to view on mapspast. They feature much improved coverage compared to 1919, though some areas of the country - specifically Gisbourne and the Otago-Caterbury borders are still bl ... (more)
(2017/10/20 20:24)

NZMS13 1919 snapshot now available.
@Matt NZMS13 1919 snapshot is now here. Further coverage of the South Island was mapped in this decade along with patchy coverage of the Wellington region. Most of the 1899 sheets have been remapped by this point, so updating was also ocurring. The ... (more)
(2016/10/22 06:40)

NZMS13 1909 map series snapshot now available
@Matt NZMS13 1909 map series snapshot now available. 1919 coming soon ...
(2016/10/05 08:43)

ARCGIS Integration using ArcBruTile
@Matt Working with Bertt at ArcBruTile we now have mapspast layers available for ARCGIS. I'll put togeter a nice howto page on this site when I get a moment, but for now the instructions are as below. ArcBruTile is a wonderful extensionfor ArcGIS wh ... (more)
(2016/07/19 08:08)

NZMS13 maps from the 1800s
@Matt I have added a layer containing the NZMS13 'Survey District' maps from the 1800s. The snapshot is taken as of the end of 1899, though some maps go back as far as the 1860s. There were more maps printed than I have managed to locate and include h ... (more)
(2016/06/15 05:21)

NZMS15 County Maps
@Matt The NZMS15 county map series is now completed and available on http://mapspast.org.nz. The snapshot is taken at the end of 1949, showing the latest maps available at that date in this series, but the majority of the sheets actually date from ... (more)
(2016/06/07 21:52)

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LINZ Airphotos and latest maps
@Matt I've added layers with the latest airphotos and topo50 maps from LINZ. These are hosted on LINZ servers, and the speed and reliability of loading are not as reliable as maps I host myself. They're available in the new 'layers' button.
(2015/09/03 21:34)

Welcome to MapsPast
@Matt Hello and welcome to Maps Past. This site aims to be the home for all topographic maps, past and present. Free to look around and leave comments, suggestions and criticisms on Maptalk. If you have maps you think should be on the site, sign up ... (more)
(2015/06/19 23:47)

Uploading maps
@Matt It is now possible for registered users to upload their own maps to this site. If you are keen on getting a map onto the site, or you just feel like experimenting and helping out, then give it a go. The system has been well-tested for scanned ... (more)
(2015/06/19 22:23)

Saving / printing maps
@Matt Downloading / printing of the current map is now possible (see icon at the top-right of the screen). This allows you to download the current area of the current map to your computer as a PNG file. You can then open the file and print it from ... (more)
(2015/06/19 22:18)