@Matt The NZMS15 maps for the south island as of 1949 are now available. The North Island may follow at a later date.
(2015/11/30 08:02)
@Matt The NZMS15 county map series is now completed and available on http://mapspast.org.nz.

The snapshot is taken at the end of 1949, showing the latest maps available at that date in this series, but the majority of the sheets actually date from the 1920s. Use the info icon and click on an area to see what date the sheet you're looking at was published.

Probably of more general interest than tramping interest, this is never the less a fascinating snapshot in time. Highlights I've cone across include:

King country 'confiscation boundaries' with references to the associated gazette notices under which the iwi land was confiscated. The Waitangi tribuneral findings on the trumped-up reasons and personal motivations behind the confiscations make interesting reading.

The Napier 'inner harbour' ... pre-earthquake, I assume!

The maps are dotted with land set aside for good causes such as 'Native reserves', 'Aclimatisation' and more mundane things like schools that never got built. This one is my favourite ... note the location: Maymorn Junction (Tararuas). Now that would be a cool spot to got to school!

Next project is a snapshot of the NZMS13 maps at 1899. There may be room for an intermediate series between 1899 and 1949 but I'm losing energy for scanning maps for trig-points to geo-reference then, and tracing all those river-bed boundaries to clip them, so maybe not.

Note: if you've viewed the nzms15 maps (south island) on the site before you may need to clear your browser cache to see the updated complete maps.
(2016/06/07 21:52)