@Matt The latest NZMS13 maps as of the last day of 1929 are now available to view on mapspast. They feature much improved coverage compared to 1919, though some areas of the country - specifically Gisbourne and the Otago-Caterbury borders are still blank. Topographic details seem to have been phased out from many areas - e.g. north Otago, with maps focused almost entirely on property details. There are 490 maps in the series (including a few areas covered only in insets maps on the main sheets) - so georeferencing and clipping the maps to the survey district boundaries was a time consuming task - as much work as all the previous decades combined. I'll be taking a year or more off before I get back into the final decade of 1939 which includes a further 300 map sheets and brings almost 100% coverage to the NZMS13 series.
(2017/10/20 20:24)